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Arcane Idol

This is my entry for the DeviantArt character contest with the theme "Arcane idol".

What is obscured by the mask of the arcane idol? Well, this is a macabre story.

She was an ordinary circus performer, when her loved one became seriously ill. She prayed to God for help, but God was deaf. Someone however heard her prayers. The Devil himself appeared to her and offered a deal. He would save her man, but in return, she would have to become his faithful servant and leave her loved one for good.

Under the light of a blood moon her tent miraculously appeared in the outskirts of the city. People already knew it’s going to be an amazing show. Fans brought flags with her symbol: red heart with bat wings. People took their seats and waited breathlessly when a beautiful dancer appeared in a burning hoop. Occasionally magic illusions flew off the fire to amuse the crowd. No one knew though how hard hellfire hurt and how heavy became the talisman with a drop of Devil’s blood around her neck. But most importantly, no one knew that this performance opened the Devil a way to their hearts. On the blood moon everyone would be given a chance to make their own deal.